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Canada's Exclusive Distributor for Bashsea Life Support Systems

Welcome to Bashsea Canada

You may have heard about the Bashsea product line, but in case you haven't - let us introduce you...

Bashsea - Mastered Aquatic Designs is the brain child of aquatic engineer Steve Bashi, owner of one of the earth's top custom aquarium design and maintenance groups located and built in Ferndale, Michigan USA.
For two decades, Bashsea has been creating professional, premium aquatic systems for a number of environments including residential, corporate, industrial, commercial / retail, governmental, zoological & for a number of individuals including hobbyists, athletes, celebrities, politicians, biologists, zoologists...
While constantly modifying the "off the shelf" filter systems to perform up to his standards, Steve Bashi decided it was time to personally, custom make these filtration systems from the ground up, and sell exclusively to his own clientele.
This quickly turned into designing and building filtration systems for retail stores and other custom aquarium design groups. The next obvious step was to create and produce a line of not only high end, but most importantly, highly efficient and complete life support systems.

Bashsea Canada is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Bashsea - Mastered Aquatic Designs and we invite potential Wholesalers to join us in supplying wondrous displays with reliable, efficient and beautiful life suppourt systems that allow our salt water friends to survive and thrive.

As a Bashsea Canada Wholesaler, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Receive the significantly reduced Bashsea Canada Wholesale price for all of our products.
  • Eliminate the need for International shipping / customs. We import our products from Ferndale, Michigan in the US to our warehouse in Windsor, ON so shipping to you is quicker & less expensive.
  • Recieve occasional promotional items that help the Bashsea Canada product line move.
  • Quickly place your Wholesale order with just a few clicks and do this 24 / 7. Your Bashsea Canada order acts the same as a retail "purchase order."
  • Organize and store your shipping addresses (up to 5) and payment methods (up to 3).
  • View and print all of your past orders.
  • Advertise yourself on our "Where to Buy" page! As an Official Wholesaler, you'll be able to create a "public profile" that will display all sorts of information about your company such as your website, social media, company logo, address & map and your store hours.

Our Product Catalog

While you are traversing our catalog, you will see the "Catalog Map" button. Clicking this will open a map of our entire list of Categories and Products. This is a shortcut that may help you easily find the category or product you are interested in.
Catalog Map

Our Main Categories:

SS ATO Containers

Bashsea Signature Series 5 & 10 Gallon ATO Container - (Red, Blue, White) Showcasing solid real American cast acrylic, double welded seams, and only one clear front viewing panel eliminating all e...

Twisted Skimmer

Utilizing our Patent Pending Injection and Mixing System combined with our full body reaction chamber design, greatly increases dwell time resulting in optimum nutrient removal, thus creating the most...

Bio Reactor

Bashsea is the first company to manufacture a biological filter utilizing Moving Bed Technology for the marine aquarium. The Bashsea Bio Media provides the maximum active surface area for the bacteria...

SS Sumps - Signature Series

The most diverse and technically engineered life support system the aquarium industry has ever offered.

Bio-Fuge Sumps

The core of any modern marine aquarium. Engineered to naturally process aquarium waste. Resulting in a well balanced environment to keep delicate marine animals not only alive, but thriving in captivi...

Pellet Master

The pellet master mixes perfect design, superior craftsmanship, ease of installation, versatility and near zero maintenance!

Media Chamber

The Bashsea Media Chamber provides the largest media capacity in the industry. Extra large design allows for high media volumes, while producing even flow to maximize water-media contact time.

Mad Rack

These are big boy racks for the pros: Coral farmers, retail displays, live coral convention exhibitors - take it to the next level and set yourself apart. As usual we are setting the bar that much hig...

I Sea Coral Viewer

This isn't your paper thin square viewer nor is it the child like quality that you see out there now. Custom 1/4" cast colored tube along with laser cut 1/4" cast viewing window and gear trim - built ...

Waste Collector

Specifically designed to provide an extra reservoir for skimate collection. A perfect companion to your Bashsea Skimmer.